minutes earlier than usual

Expert advice is to find a weight-loss, daily must guarantee to get enough sleep at least 7.5 hours. If twelve hours sleep at night weekend than usual, and the next day you get up late to twelve hours. However, some women may need nine hours of sleep daily. If you have enough for 7.5 hours of sleep, the next day the alarm clock still can not wake you up, indicating that you need more sleep. In fact, everyone has their own normal sleep length, if the sleep time is less than the length, even if it is just one hour less, can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body. The time they need to know, you can usually sleep time and the time you need to sleep. Third, sleep 7.5 hours a day, reducing fat risk 4, a few days later, you owe before sleep also lost, this time to continue to maintain the time you usually go to sleep, and in the calculation of the time he woke up the next day, very close to sleep time you actually need. Now there is a simple method that can determine how much you need to sleep, you can follow the following steps: 1, leaving twelve weeks to focus on the sleep test, do not let the unexpected interrupt the test in a week or two; 25-30 year-old woman's average sleep time only 6 hours and 40 minutes, which is more, about 30% of women sleep time of less than six hours for a long time, they get fat level of 30% higher than the others. How do I know much sleep they need . 2, choose the one you usually sleep time, and adhere to sleep at this time; 3, whenever he woke up in the morning, do not set the alarm clock; Get enough sleep for seven and a half hours a day However, it is not sleep more slimming effect, the better, you need to be the most suitable sleep length. To find the length, you can try 15 minutes earlier than usual to go to bed until you find the ideal amount of sleep so far, of course, this may have to spend one week of test time, but it is worth a try.